Omnichannel customer relationship and employee experience consulting services specialized in contact centers

Like the mythological Greek God Promethee, our team is committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise to accompany you and your teams with our approach to making change a distinctly positive human experience.

Consulting services designed to support both human dimensions of your Contact Center

NEW - Service Client

Omnichannel Customer Relationship

Empowering and supporting your organization and contact center through each stage of maturity in their omnichannel customer relationship to leverage it for profitable and sustainable business growth.

NEW - Service Employee

Employee Experience

Empowering and supporting the leaders of your contact center to discover and realize the potential in their teams to develop profitable and sustainable client relationships

Three pillars that bring value to your organization and its contact center

Optimize and structure your Operations

Our perspective is simultaneously global (digital and human), systemic (Omnichannel) and practical.

Increase your team’s ability to leverage their potential

Our tailored support is designed to train, empower, and mobilize your managers and their teams so that they can shine. Our focus on your people is one of the things that distinguish us.  Learn why it also makes good business sense to deploy the human potential in your contact center here.

Reduce the human and financial risks

Our approach, established by evaluating the potential gains, bases itself on working with your teams and their resources to deliver a series of small quick wins. S.M.A.R.T goals and practical action plans over 90 days are hallmarks of our process that deliver tangible results.

Do you believe your organization can prosper by maximizing the potential of your people? So do we.