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Why choose Promethee Consultants approach for your contact center?

Every year, hundreds of organizations begin transformation or change projects. Few of them achieve their expected objectives. Most often, the reasons given for those failures are a high resistance to change or a lack of leadership.

These programs, however, are doomed from the very start when they are created without taking into consideration the company’s capacity to change. The same way that a runner cannot run a marathon without training, an organization can’t accomplish a sudden major transformation without having developed its capacity to change. Just like the preparation for that marathon, building on the successes of small changes that grow more and more ambitious is the foundation work that must first be accomplished.

The Promethee experience: Human and inspiring change

  • We propose a personal and personalized approach to help you define your strategies and the changes you need to accomplish your objectives.
  • We help you develop the enthusiasm and confidence in your teams while we successfully realize those changes.
  • We help you capture and mobilize the energy that exists in your organization and help it grow so that those changes can succeed: Fan the flame, feed the fire.

Here is a resume of our personal and personalized approach:

We aim for you to feelSafeClarity, In control and motivatedSupported, confident and energizedProud and recognizedAppreciated and grown
We areOpen and VulnerableCourageous accomplicesPractical and visionaryAuthentic and attentivePresent and grateful
Key moments in our approachContactEvaluation and PlanningImplementationCelebration of successDeparture

The five moments of truth in our approach

Our approach is structured in five important moments which are also aligned with key behaviors for our consultants:

  1. The contact – Being open and vulnerable
  2. The evaluation and planning – To be courageous accomplices   
  3. The implementation – The practical visionary
  4. The celebration of the team’s success– Being authentic and attentive
  5. The departure – Being present and grateful  

1.The contact – Being open and vulnerable

The arrival of a consultant can be destabilizing for some teams. Someone from the outside suddenly arrives and it creates a feeling of uneasiness or doubt in their own abilities and in the intentions of the consultant.

Being open and vulnerable for our consultants means recognizing that these feelings exist and taking action to put everyone at ease : Being clear on their intentions, clarifying the roles and responsibilities, introducing ourselves on a personal level, being who we are as a consultant but most importantly as a person too.

Afterall, it is also a new relationship for our consultants – no, our consultants are not superheroes! By giving access to our vulnerability it helps establish a connection that allows us to create an environment that favors collaboration.

This way, our clients and their teams feel a sense of security which allows us to really develop authentic connections.

2.The evaluation and planning – To be courageous accomplices

This moments objective is to bring more clarity to your situation, your challenges, and opportunities, as well as to create the motivation for the change to happen, to give you the ability to control your destiny.

Dressing a clear and lucid portrait of your current situation as well as the potential opportunities for growth helps to better chart the path and establish progress in your customer relationships, especially in your contact centers. It also allows us to:  

  • Meet you « where you are » 
  • Help you identify the key points to make your change successful
  • Discover your « hidden reserves » of performance, the dormant energy and talent just waiting to be found and redirected to bring a powerful impact

Being a courageous accomplice means we dare to destabilize your teams and push them out of their comfort zones. It also serves to help you to take a risk and have the courage to see things differently to overcome the obstacles that may be slowing down your drive to change

The reward though is well worth it: This change in perspective unlocks unbelievable potential and allows for us to establish clearer plans and ambitious objectives.  

3.The implementation – Being practical and visionary

Success brings more success. It is a key for us to be sure that we help establish the first ones quickly. In this optic, being practical and visionary means:

  • Guiding you through your ability to develop your ability to change, al the while accepting that there is not just one way of doing things and that several paths all lead to Rome
  • Helping you define your own change process while benefiting from our expertise
  • Demonstrating our confidence in the abilities of your team through the projects that are designed to succeed and quickly have tangible impact 
  • « Seeing » the next steps and potential obstacles before we hit them to create learning opportunities for your team

With our approach you will feel supported, energized, and confident in the actions you are taking.

4. The celebration – Being authentic and attentive

The frequent and meaningful celebration of the accomplishments realized by the heroes in your organization creates pride and recognition across your teams.

Being authentic and attentive for our consultants means putting our heart into it, to not only recognize the accomplishments but also the personal learnings and risks that they took to get there along the way.

The energy and enthusiasm grow exponentially and incites others to join in the change.

5. The departure – Being present and grateful

The departure is a special moment for us to show our appreciation and to celebrate your growth and accomplishments.

A consultation mandate, like a trip, has a beginning and an end. The departure for our team means that we accept the ambiguity of the situation; on one side, the joy in seeing the teams confidence and autonomy to carry on, and the other side, emotion created by the connections and friendships that were created that will continue on differently.

The departure is the end, but it is also the beginning of a new adventure.

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