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Promethee Consultants; “Fan the flame and feed the fire” of your relationships so that your company can create sustainable growth

At Promethee Consultants we help organizations grow and prosper sustainably.

We deliver results by “fanning the flame and feeding the fire” of your employee and customer relationships.

Investing in your clients and your teams is the right thing to do. As it turns out, it is also a great strategy to attain short- and long-term results.

The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenue
  • Strategic advantages and market differentiation
  • Capacity to deal with the unexpected

Once your organization has established that something needs to change, we accompany you through our process that is set out in four key moments.

The 4 key moments in our contact center approach

  1. Define your intentions – The spark

Every growth and transformation plan begins with the intention set out by its leadership team, what they believe in, what they aspire to accomplish and the goals they want to attain.

The plan that is established has:

  • The short, medium- and long-term objectives
    • Both operationally and financially
    • Strategic objectives
  • The strategy you are pursing and why
  • The vision of the experience that you want to create for who it is created for
  • The benefits that you hope to achieve

A clear intention is the root of all the work that is being laid out. But it is also only the beginning.

2. Mobilize their hearts and minds – Fan the flame

What changes when you are looking to improve your customer relationship is that the strategies you are developing must be designed with the objective of creating certain emotions and sharing that with your clients: safety, confidence, joy, belonging.  

You can attain a certain level of progress by changing certain « physical » characteristics: the products, the price, the location and design of the stores, the options to reach you, etc.

The work often begins by mapping the customer journey, identifying your customers pain points, improving processes and systems, establishing new standards that your teams will work by.

Creating emotions though requires more: Employees must also change the way they interact with the customers. For example, being welcoming, curious, engaging, giving recognition, and showing empathy. These ways of working can not be imposed. It needs to be authentic and of their own free will.

Your teams need to live by the original intention in every detail, in their attitude and by their behaviors in the everyday. It applies not only to the front-line teams, but also to the teams that support them.

This often begins with a more traditional communication exercise. Knowing and understanding the intention is not enough though. To bring action you need to go further.

Fan the flame, means to mobilize their hearts and minds to create alignment in their actions and attitudes with the goal of realizing the vision.  

This is done through alignment exercises:

  • Identifying roles and responsibilities,
  • Establishing the recruitment process and type of talent,
  • Training programs,
  • Recognition,
  • and types of remuneration. 

3. Create alignment between the ways of working, the message and the vision – Feed the fire

The age-old adage that « Happy Employees automatically make Happy Customers » is unfortunately not exactly true as it turns out.

Employee engagement is essential. But it is not enough on its own. For the fire to grow, the actions must follow, and they need to be aligned with the vision.

The processes, the systems, and the way that work is structured and organized must be developed in a way that allows the customer relationship to thrive. There is nothing more frustrating then having systems that make the employees and the clients go in circles or who don’t allow them to take the right actions « because their system doesn’t allow it », or better yet, that require them to put in even more effort.   

This means that the systems and tools need to support the employees in the creation of the experience they are being asked to deliver. They should not be built as a way of controlling their every action. Instead they should be empowering them to be themselves, to use their judgement and become an owner of the experience that you have trusted them to create.

4. The impact: The perception that the customers and the employees create of the organization

It is here where the magic happens. When that initial intention meets the frontline teams and is operated in their everyday actions. The pride and the passion of the employees is only matched by that of their customers.

This results in higher survey scores across customer experience (NPS, CES, C-SAT) and employee experience metrics.

This magic translates into concrete behaviors that have an exponential positive impact to your financial results:

  • Clients promoting your brand and who come back again and again
  • Employees who are engaged, staying longer in the organization, and who become brand promoters

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