Our story

In the myth, Promethee stole the sacred fire of the Gods and offered it to humanity.

Not content to simply offer this precious gift, he also showed his proteges how to protect, use and master it to develop the art of metallurgy. This allowed humanity to establish the foundations of civilization, as well as find their place in between the world of the gods and that of the animals.

Now more than ever, humanity continues to grow and push the boundaries to their knowledge and abilities with the help of technology. They still find themselves trying to find the balance between the perfection that technology can offer and the essential aspects of their own humanity.

Companies are continuously adopting more and more technology to better serve their customers remotely. This technology takes up more and more space; but what space are we leaving to the development of our purpose and our relationships?

Promethee Consultants is born from a belief in the potential of authentic and human relationships to create sustainable improvements in organizations. By founding this company, Guillaume Delroeux wants to inspire as many people as possible to be the best that they can be. Cementing our humanity in a world that is more and more machine.

Since then, we have worked to «fan the flame and feed the fire» of teams who want to develop their organizations’ full potential.

Our Mission

Focusing on human warmth and connection in contact centers and in its operations to reveal the hidden potential for growth in the business while creating environments where each person can be their best selves.

Our Vision

To be leaders, who are human and connected to our consciousness, in service to our vibrant community, while being inclusive and innovative. Leaders who leverage human warmth and connection as tools to create sustainable growth and profitability.

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Our Principles

The value of Promethee Consultants:
“Employees first and clients in the center” We know this creates sustainable growth.

Simplicity according Promethee:
We keep things simple straightforward by reducing complexity and going back to improve the foundations.

The experience with Promethee Consultants:
We make change, a human and inspiring experience.

Do you believe your organization can prosper by maximizing the potential of your people? So do we.