Employee Experience


You are an organization that wants to focus on your employee experience and improve your employee retention and absenteeism in your contact centers.

More precise examples :

  • Vice President of Human Ressources;
  • Human Ressource partners ;
  • Recruitment specialists
  • Management of SME’S.


Looking to address one or a few of the following challenges in your call center or contact center?

  • Understaffed: Talent acquisition or attraction strategies
  • Low engagement rates (stress, fatigue, absenteeism, etc.)
  • High turnover rates

Service offer

Promethee Consultants empowers and supports the leaders of your contact center to discover and realize the potential in their teams to develop profitable and sustainable client relationships.

We deliver :

  • Reduction of costs; Human and Financial
  • Increase in revenue from an improved customer relationship
  • Increase in employee engagement and overall job satisfaction
  • A better reputation as an employer
  • Sustainable growth

We offer two models to our consulting services:

  1. An evaluation & diagnostic as a package for your contact center on the following topics:
    • The strategies being used for talent acquisition
    • The employee engagement strategies
    • The employee retention strategies
  1. A bank of hours to support your team in the creation or improvement of human resource programs:
    • Find the right talents to support your contact center
    • Engage your employees to create relationships with your customers
    • Retain your top talent

Your challenges are more focused on your relationship with your customers across multiple channels?

What people are saying about us?

“Working with Promethee Consultants was a wonderful experience…What I liked from their approach is that they included our staffing in the diagnose process. Instead of coming and producing recommendation, they would implement a culture that will make our employee search for constant improvement. With their approach, our employee would continue improving process long after Promethee was gone. We therefore gain a long-term benefit from their expertise.”

Haikel Nour, Strategic Planning Leader, Quebec Blue Cross

Do you believe your organization can prosper by maximizing the potential of your people? So do we.